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Antique American Walnut Plantation Desk (c.1820-1850).

Antique Barber Chair

Antique Buckboard Seat (c. late 1800s-early1900's)

Antique Camelback Steamer Trunk with Original Inserts (c. 1886-1922)

Antique Wardrobe Steamer Trunk with all original hangers and drawers. (c. early 1900s)

Christmas Pillows

Glencairn glasses with Barrel Art Design

Holiday Candles

Lizz and Pip velvet pumkins

Men's Bath Products

Men's Empire Vanity by Cowan Chicago (c. late 1880s-early 1900s)

Midtown Ocean Springs

Personalized John Willcoxon Collection

Prayer Pillows

Raku Pottery Santa

Rice Love Products

Rice Love Travel Backpacks

Selection of chips, dips, and pepper jellies and much more to choose from

The Cotton Sak

We love to mix the old with the new!

Wood Carved Angels


Village Building and Remodeling

Ribbon cutting ceremony to mark our first year in business.

Peter Anderson Festival 2017

Totally Addicted Bath and Body Products

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