Barrel-Art creates original wall art and decor using wine barrel hoops. Some of their work incorporates oak staves from reclaimed wine barrels which still has the natural wine soaked deep red on one side. These striking metal pieces can be displayed indoors or outdoors. Wherever you decide to display your Barrel-Art, it will be a breathtaking compliment to your home or office decor!
 These sweet chimes are made of combining various materials from the Earth. Copper, hand blown glass beads, and the unique Nana bells are put together in various forms to make these beautiful mobiles. Each chime is handmade and tested to make sure each one puts off a calming sound. These chimes make the perfect gift for any occasion!
 Rice Love Bags inspired by global wanderers, idealists, and activists. Rice Love creates products and experiences for those who love people and the planet.
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